The whole medical team behind ZetaClear is made of incredibile professional and gifted doctors and researchers, working together 24 hours a day to provide the known quality of our products. Plus, besides the research team, we have a group of permanent staff working for the customers, available round-the-clock on the phone or via e-mail. They are trained practitioners, half of them experts in nail related problems, the other half dedicated to marketing and our infrastructure.

With our expertise and world renowned products, during the years, we have managed to serve tens of thousands of happy customers. We strive to be the very best and we are updated to all new procedures and cutting edge technologies. Because safety is most important aspect of our business, we carefully choose ingredients to offer a no-side-effects experience. On the other hand, privacy and reliability is important – we have been trusted by thousands, delivered quickly and effectively, always in time, always to the comfort of your homes.

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