All you need to know about nail fungus

Nail fungal infection is easy to be recognized. It affects fingernails, toenails or the skin beneath the nails, making the nails appear yellow, white, brown, gray, thickened, brittle, split or crumble and they can be painful or not, while in some cases it may separate from the nail bed.

Anyone can get it by allowing the fungus to enter the body – either through tiny cuts near nails or at cuticles or by walking barefoot in common showers and locker rooms, sharing towels, shoes or clothes and even due to wearing non breathable socks and hosiery. One of the best ranked natural treatments for nail fungal infection is Zetaclear. It is a two-step system that combines the potency of homeopathic ingredients with natural oils to fight against nail fungal infection and to improve the health an appearance of nails. Zetaclear can be used as preventive treatment, to prevent the recurrence of nail fungus and to avoid its spreading.

Nail fungal infection is caused by three different types of fungus, Dermatophytes, Yeasts and Molds, which can affect the nail alone or in combination. If you come in contact with the fungus, it will find a way to enter your body (little cut, under nails, in warm and moist environments) and it will develop, infecting one or more parts of the nail, such as nail plate, nail bed or root of the nail, according to our researchers.

Nails will become discolored, broken, thick, crumby, brown, yellow, white or gray, with soft and powdery nail surface or with nail and skin fragments under the nail, which can even separate from the skin beneath it. Even though nails look unsightly, many people do not treat nail fungal infection until it is too late, when nails cause pain, fall off and the infection has spread to other nails. It is crucial to start the treatment as soon as possible to prevent more damages and further inconvenience. Zetaclear consists in a combination of homeopathic oral spray and topical treatment with natural oils that work together to eliminate the infection. Because the ingredients included are natural, Zetaclear promotes the health of nails, improve their strength and appearance and nail fungus will be prevented without causing unwanted side effects.

A few simple habits can help you prevent the occurrence of nail fungal infection. If you wash your feet and hands regularly and if you maintain your nails short and dry, nail fungus cannot flourish in its favorite environment. Wear shoes that reduce humidity and socks that absorb sweat. If you still love your old shoes, treat them with antifungal powder or disinfectants because fungus may live inside them.
Do not walk barefoot in public spaces and make sure that the nail salon you frequent sterilizes the instruments before using them on your nails. Do not use your nails as utensils and to not cut your cuticles, because they are meant to protect you. Dissolve cuticles with special treatments and avoid having cuts nearby your nails.

Knowing all these details about nail fungus, it will be easier for you to prevent it. Use Zetaclear to prevent and treat nail fungal infection and you will avoid being embarrassed by unsightly nails.