Dos and don’ts for healthy and strong nails

Having healthy, shiny and beautiful nails can make anyone feel better. Taking care of nails does not take a lot of time, but we often neglect their appearance and use them to pick or scratch and we even bite them, habits that can only make them brittle, fragile and unhealthy. If you want to have beautiful, healthy, strong and shiny nails, here is a list with dos and don’ts that you should really consider:

  • DO practice good nail hygiene. Make use of sharp clipper and manicure scissors to trim your nails. You should first trim the nails straight across, then use a fine-grit cushion file to shape them. Coarse-grit files should be used only on artificial nails and they are a lot too harsh for your natural nails. Cushion files are gentler, reason why you should use them instead of metal files.
  • DON’T bite your fingernails and do not pick at your cuticles. Nail bed will be damaged and, even worse, even the tiniest scratch or cut can allow fungi and bacteria enter and cause a fungal nail infection that can spread to other nails, according to one of our latest studies.
  • DO moisturize the cuticles on a daily basis, right before bedtime, because it will prevent hangnails, peeling and cracking. By massaging gently the cuticles with natural oils you will stimulate the blood circulation, which will accelerate nail growth. Even more, natural oils will improve the health of your fingers and your nails will appear shiny and healthy.
  • DON’T remove your cuticles by cutting them. Instead, use cuticle removers that soften the skin and dissolve the cuticles without causing any damage. Keep in mind that cuticles play the role to protect nails and that any little cut can represent a great chance for the development of fungal infections.
  • DO revitalize, nourish and fortify your nails by using nail strengthening treatments. These products are rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients that promote the health of nails and make them stronger and more beautiful.
  • DON’T expose your nails too much in moist environments and wear gloves when using chemical and cleaning products. Your hands and nails will dry out and nails will become fragile and brittle.
  • DO wear nail polish to prevent breakage and to protect your nails. If you do not enjoy using colored nail polish, you can simply apply a topcoat and your nails will have a protective barrier that will help you avoid damages and nail infections.
  • DON’T walk barefoot in common showers and locker rooms and DON’T share towels, clothes or shoes with other people. Fungal nail infections are contagious and they can cause a lot of trouble, pain, discomfort and embarrassment.
  • DO use over-the-counter treatments that improve the health and appearance of your nails. Zetaclear is a highly effective treatment made of natural ingredients that kill the fungus, nourish cuticles, fortify the nails and promote the health of nails.

If you want to have strong and healthy nails, use Zetaclear. Zetaclear will improve considerably the texture and health of your nails, which will shine healthy and beautifully.