Home remedies for nail fungus

The presence of fungus on the toenails is difficult to control and treatment is long, even if the nail infection is cured it will continue to look bad until you have grown back healthy nails, this period can take months or even a year.

It is important to know since many times treatments get suspended due to the lack of immediate results, all medical treatments or home remedies should be sustained for extended periods.

Natural remedies to combat nail fungus

Home remedy for fungal nails one: The first is a recommendation, soak your nails with products recommended until they get soften then cut them, do it every few days. Also try removing the diseased tissue that grows between the nail and finger, thus eliminating the area that is already infected. The part of the nail that was deformed and will not recover must be removed, do not remove the entire nail but try to continuously remove everything that is affected. When the nail is properly spend an emery board gently across the surface, so home remedies or medications penetrate it, but do not touch the cuticle or the birth of the nail;

Natural Remedy for nail fungus two: Soak feet in a container containing one liter of warm water and a glass of cider vinegar can also be apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, leave them for at least twenty minutes, two times per day. Then dry them without rinsing the skin with a clean towel and apply an antifungal medication or some home remedies;

Natural Remedy for fungal nails three: Soak your feet in a bowl with a quart of warm water and a tablespoon of sodium borate.

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