How it works

A fungal infection of a nail of the hands or feet is known as onychomycosis. The toenails are more likely to become infected than fingernails. Fungus usually grow in warm, humid places, if you use a type of shoe that causes your foot to constantly sweat, it is most probably the appearance of fungus around the toes.

The anti-fungal solution of Zeta Clear works affecting the root of infection from under fingernails. In addition it also helps your body fight inflammation and infections caused by fungus, thus allowing treat infections internally. So your body may be strong enough to combat future outbreaks that may arise.

The results will be positive in only four weeks of continuous use of the product. You can expedite the healing process by applying a bandage on the nail after applying the gel. This will keep the gel until the next application and may allow you to speed up the healing process.

It is recommended that you apply to the infected nail three times daily with the applicator brush that came with the product. You must also apply the gel on the tips after bathing. To achieve better results it is recommended that after applying the gel to cover the area with a plaster one or two times per week, it is also recommended to scrape the keratin debris from under the nail and the surface thereof with an emery board.