How to fight against Nail fungus

Treatment would consist of several lines. The first consists of a combination of topical and oral antifungal treatment of long duration, about two months minimum. Topical treatment can last from fifteen to eighteen months for toenails and from six to eight months for fingernails. This is the time required to regenerate a nail on its entirety, if the infection has settled around the nail bed.

Keep in mind that patience is the mother of healing of onychomycosis.

The most effective strategy for topical treatment of nail fungal infection is to treat it first with azoles or undecenoic acid and use allylamine only if the rest fails. Only after doing this treatment and successfully accomplish the most important thing there is a second line. This is based on surgical removal of the nail, which is reserved for very rebellious infections and which is practiced according to the dermatologist who treats under local anesthesia. When you have removed the entire nail, is unlikely to come out a new nail, only if it preserves the nail matrix nail grow back in a slow process of months.

In individuals with diabetes should monitor and review daily their nails, so that these mushrooms do not become very serious infections. Consult your doctor if you notice anything abnormal, thickening of the nail, change in color or not to give pain.