Improve the health of your nails in the comfort of your home

We use them every day as utensils. We pop open cans with them, we peel fruits with them, we use them to scratch itchy skin and we bite them when we are nervous or anxious. Yes, it’s our nails. Being made of the same type of protein as our hair, nails are made of keratin. They reflect our health, but we often neglect them until they become brittle, injured, fragile or discolored. These signs are frequently symptoms of infections caused by fungus, which enter our body through tiny cuts and which thrive in warm and moist environments such as our shoes, locker rooms, showers and many other places, based on a recent research.

Thankfully, fungal nail infection can be treated and the health of nails can be improved in the comfort of home with some simple home-made treatments:

  1. Olive Oil and Lemon juice mixture – mix a teaspoon of Olive Oil with a few drops of Lemon juice and use this home remedy for about two times a week and your brittle nails will become a lot stronger. You have to massage this mixture and improve the blood circulation to promote the absorption of nutrients into nails, cuticles and skin. You can even wear some manicure gloves overnight and you will enjoy having beautiful and shiny nails next day.
  2. Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E – in case if you presume your nails are affected by a fungal infection, mix a teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil with two drops of Vitamin E Oil and use this home-made treatment as often as you can. Besides the fact that you will successfully eliminate nail fungal infection, your nails will become healthier and stronger.
  3. Sea Salt – by mixing two teaspoons of fine sea salt with two drops each of myrrh oil, frankincense oil, lemon juice and wheat germ oil you will obtain a mixture that poured into a bowl of warm water will transform significantly your brittle nails. Try to maintain your nails into that bowl for about 10 minutes, twice times per week and your nails will be stronger and healthier.
  4. Beer and apple cider vinegar – mix in a bowl ¼ cup of warm olive oil with the same quantity of apple cider vinegar and ½ cup of beer then soak your nails into this home-made remedy and leave it for about 15 minutes. Your nails will become stronger and the nutrients contained in this mixture will definitely improve the health of your nails.

If you want to improve the health and structure of your nails, but you do not have enough time available to prepare these home-made remedies, you can opt for Zetaclear. Although it is not home-made, Zetaclear is a ready-to-use treatment that contains natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil, Clove Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

Zetaclear will eliminate nail fungus and will improve the texture and appearance of nails, while nails will also be stronger and healthier. Use Zetaclear to get more beautiful nails and improve the health of your nails in the comfort of your home!