Natural care of nails suffering from fungal infection

Deformed nails, nails that thicken at the ends, peel off the skin, the appearance of foreign tissue between the nail and skin, nails yellow or brownish, these are some symptoms that may occur in fungal toenails.

The fingernails and the toe nails may suffer from fungal infections, in both cases you may have previously been itchy fingers that could have been cured or not before the nails start to have these signs.

Here we provide you a list of remedies that can help you to take care of your nails:

  • Place in a container 5 liters of water, place a peeled garlic and let it boil, after it gets warm immerse your feet on it for half an hour.
  • Bee Propolis is a powerful natural antibacterial and antifungal, it is used by bees to eliminate fungus and bacteria from the hive. After the nails dipped in any of the above home remedies propolis is applied over the entire surface of the nail and leave it as long as possible.
  • The essential oil of tea tree and lavender essential oil are known for their effectiveness in combating fungus, applications may be used in affected nails for at least three times a day.
  • The Listerine mouthwash applied with a cotton swab across the nail.
  • Apply nail across Vick VapoRub, this ointment used in the chest cough also combats fungus because it contains: Menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, cedar leaf oil, petroleum and turpentine oil, among other substances.
  • Chop a clove of garlic to crumble and place in a nail polish purchase, add three drops of lavender oil and three tea tree oil, let stand for two days and then apply the brush along the nail, stir the bottle well before application. It can be removed every day with any product used to remove nail polish and you can apply a new layer wich can be left all day or overnight.
  • Avoid shoes that make your feet sweat or attempting to use the shortest possible time, using natural fabrics and average non-synthetic, change every day, using clean towels and personal use, the fungus can spread by sharing towels.

After washing bath tub, bath or shower space with water and sodium hypochlorite.