How to prevent the appearance of nail fungus

To avoid the occurrence of nail fungus we should taken into account:

Wear proper footwear, avoid those that cause pressure foot, preventing normal blood circulation and cooling. We need to avoid excessive sweating accumulated in this area. Use footwear made with natural skin allows evaporation of sweat. The rubber shoes are not recommended. The use of footwear should be used only for sports. Changing shoes regularly, even a couple of times daily, giving time for the shoes used to be aired. Make use of cotton socks to absorb sweat. Prevent the foot rest on soil that could be contaminated by bacteria or fungus. The use of slippers in public places is essential.

Maintain standards of cleanliness and hygiene of the feet, hands and nails of each other. It is convenient to carry nails clean and cut as needed to prevent infections properly once a week at least. It is advisable to make a manicure to have the most beautiful nails and to provide massages that activate blood circulation and oils that help hydrate. Nails should be cut with sharp scissors. Do not use metal files but cardboard, filing from outside to inside. The toenails are cut horizontally, never in a circle shape or following the shape of the finger, to avoid they get embedded in the flesh as they grow. It must be avoided biting nails, especially children. After washing your hands and feet to dry properly to prevent mold, taking advantage of excess moisture, proliferation

Adopt a nutritious diet, using natural foods that provide protein, vitamins and minerals for good health of the nails. (See appropriate items)