Tips for nail fungus treatment

Will there be a cure for nail fungus? The nail fungus is a common problem and millions of people worldwide are affected by this condition. The nail fungus is caused by a fungus infection in toenails and hands. The factors that cause it are fungal spores that attach to the cells that form the nail. The diagnosis of fungus can be done with a microscope which identifies the fungus in the nail. This also could be due to other diseases of the nails.

The nail fungus is not treatable because it takes about 6 months or more to release a new nail fungus free. It is also possible that the fungus will come back even if the nail is healthy. There are many types of therapies to treat this condition. You can use various ointments, creams or solutions and medications prescribed for nail fungus.

However, the natural remedies are less expensive and can even have them available at home without having to go out grocery shopping. You can use a home remedy, and resolve the problem quickly. Mix vinegar, tea tree (tea tree), colloidal silver and Vicks vapor rub and mix to form a smooth ointment. Make sure your nail is clean before applying. Apply at night before bed. Continue with treatment until you see an improvement.