Treat nail fungal infection by using natural ingredients available in your kitchen

Fungal infections of fingernails and toenails are embarrassing and discomforting and they are definitely an unpleasant business to have to deal with. Being known as onychomycosis, it is quite common and, because it is not always painful, many people decide not to treat it. Nails affected by fungal infections may appear brownish, yellow or gray, thickened, brittle and inflamed and they look embarrassing, according to our studies, but many people do nothing about it until it develops and spreads to other nails, causing pain and even discomfort when walking and wearing shoes.

Zetaclear is a natural treatment that eliminates the fungal infection, prevents its spreading and promotes the health of nail. Consisting in a combination of topical solution and homeopathic oral spray, Zetaclear can be used on healthy nails as well, to prevent fungal infections and to accelerate nail growth. Zetaclear is the number one choice of people who want to get rid of nail fungal infection in a healthy and natural way. It is made of natural ingredients that strengthen the body, fortify nails, nourish them and improve their health and appearance, fighting against onychomycosis from inside out without causing negative side effects.

Although Zetaclear is doctor endorsed, most doctors recommend using antifungal pills and creams in order to deal with the nail fungal infection. But these methods can cause numerous adverse effects, including redness, itching, burning sensation, abdominal pain, allergic reactions, vomiting, unusual weakness, diarrhea, headache, flatulence, indigestion and rash. The good news is that onychomycosis can be successfully treated in the comfort of your home with traditional herbal medicine by simply using natural ingredients that are usually available in any kitchen.

  1. Baking soda. Because fungus thrives in acidic environment, by applying baking soda on the infection will make it impossible for fungus to flourish and live. Mix equal parts of baking soda and sodium borate (borax) with enough water to obtain a paste. Wet the nails affected and rub this paste twice a day for almost two weeks and fungus will disappear.
  2. Apple cider vinegar – one part of it with one part Epson salts and six parts hot water will be used to soak feet in twice a day for about 30 minutes. In two weeks, fungal infection will be banished.
  3. Tea Tree Oil- has fungicidal and antiseptic properties. Apply it alone or mixed with olive oil, massage it gently every day and fungal infection will be gone within days.
  4. Orange Oil – leave a few drops of it, diluted or not, for one hour and in a few weeks you will get rid of the infection. It has amazing fungicidal properties.
  5. Garlic, Lavender Oil, Oregano Oil, Onion, Yogurt and Cornmeal are other natural ingredients that can be used on nails affected by fungus, simple or in combinations.

Regardless of how you decide to treat nail fungal infection, with antifungal medicines, Zetaclear or home-made remedies, you should get rid of it until it spreads or it becomes too painful.

Use Zetaclear to banish nail fungal infection in a healthy and natural way and your nails will be beautiful again!